First Congregational Church of Gibraltar, UCC

Sunday School

Sunday School


New Members

We welcomed 10 new members into our faith community January 16, 2014. How exciting to have others joining us on our faith journeys! What are our new members saying about this faith community???

"This church is an answer to prayer".....

"This is the first church that has accepted me....THIS IS MY FAMILY"!

"I was looking for a place to serve...
When we were so warmly embraced, it confirmed that we were ‘home’.”

"I came once and have been coming every week"

"It was just a good fit!"

“Being a member feels like home.  … It is a family church.”

“We wanted to be part of small, close-knit community.”

I appreciate the feeling of family in the First Congregational Church of Gibraltar.  Their service to the community is so great that I will call the church ‘small but mighty.’   I had belonged to a good church years ago, but drifted away without a loving family to fellowship with.  It is a wonderful place of teaching, and healing.’
.....Come and see if this is the place God has prepared for you!

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