First Congregational Church of Gibraltar, UCC

Sunday School

Sunday School


Special Events

Soup & Salad Luncheons
Twice a year, the church hosts a soup and salad luncheon that is open to the community.  Members of the church bring some of their favorite dishes to share with the community.  There are many tastes and smells that fill the room that make your taste buds jump for joy.  Many of our members make baked goods such as cakes, pies and cookies are offered for sale.

Spaghetti Dinners
Once a year, our church holds a Spaghetti dinner that is open to the community.  The dinner helps to fund many of the activities in the church.  Many members of the community come to show their support

4th of July Parade
Each year, the church's youth group creates a float with a unique theme.  The members of the church walk with the float in the parade and toss candy to children seated along an the side of the road.  The parade starts at the city hall building, winds through the streets of the city and ends at the community center.  After the parade, the city has events all day long at the comunity center and finishes off with fireworks at the end of the day. 

Just before the end of October, we gather in the church for a meal with sloppy joes, taco salad, hotdogs, cider and doughnuts to celebrate the crisp fall air and warm friends.  After our meal, we load everyone onto a large hay covered trailer pulled by a car and ride around town to see the Halloween decorations that the Gibraltar residents have put in their yard. 

Outdoor Service
Each year our church holds a church service outdoors at the Gibraltar Community Center.  It is a beautiful service, with music, communion and singing.  Afterwards, we eat and play games.

Each year our congregation purchases Christmas gifts for several needy children at Parsons Elementary school to help them celebrate the gift God gave to us.   The gifts are placed at the altar where Pastor Lorolie and the children bless them before being taken to the school.

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